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I have enjoyed working with Sam for over 10 years and feel he is one of the best chemists that I have ever worked with.  He is familiar with patent law and has drafted many patent applications. He is very thorough in covering all of the details necessary in an application. Sam writes well, understands the patentable features of an invention, and often comes up with ideas of how to improve the patentability of an invention.                                                                         Viola T. Kung  Partner, Perkins Coie LLP
We have had the privilege of working with Sam on a variety of projects with a majority of the work focused on computational modeling using a number of platforms including Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) software.  Sam has developed and validated numerous homology models that were used to guide our chemistry efforts.  Sam’s persistence, attention to detail, and medicinal chemistry/drug discovery experience have been crucial in developing viable models and docking protocols that helped provide compounds with greatly improved potencies.                                                                         Chris Yates, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Viamet Pharmaceuticals