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Medicinal chemistry:   Evaluate and suggest direction for SAR campaigns. Direct synthesis and solve problems for med-chem and scale-up/process programs.  Create and develop HPLC/UPLC methods for identification of impurities and metabolites in research, process, and stability environments.
     I have performed syntheses on milligram to multi-hundred gram scale as well as directed medicinal chemistry and scale-up programs, both in-house and with contract vendors.  My expertise is in the field of nucleosides and nucleotides, having done this type of chemistry for over 25 years.  I bring a varied background of successful SAR series on antivirals, GPCRs, ion channels, kinases, and metalloenzymes. 
Computer Modeling:   Use MOE (Molecular Operating Environment, Chemical Computing Group) to aide in the development of multiple SAR programs for zinc and iron-based metalloenzymes. Use Autodock (Scripps Institute) and the associated viewing and alignment tools to effectively utilize this program (MGL Tools, PyMol, Geneious, etc) to evaluate and drive SAR programs. .
    I have extensive experience using MOE to guide the structural development of chemical series in metalloenzymes as well as aiding in the creation of selective molecules by examining binding patterns. AutoDock was employed to evaluate the SAR programs for rho kinases and metalloenzymes.
Scientific Databases:  Set-up both Oracle and client side databases.  Develop data flow strategy and templates for data loading.  Create chemistry and database rules.  Train users and manage system operation and documentation.
     I have set-up and administered oracle-based database systems (IDBS ActivityBase) at 2 small pharma companies.  I was responsible for architecture creation, set-up of data flow, creation of biological data import templates, and importation of existing flat structural files as well as system troubleshooting and further development.  I am proficient with oracle and SQL language but not fluent. I also implemented the use of an electronic notebook (Synthematix/HP) and initiated integration with the ABase registry system.
Intellectual Property:   Preparation of full chemical and pharmaceutical patent applications.  Response to Office Actions and USPTO rejections. 
    I have authored or co-authored 36 pharmaceutical patents in multiple therapeutic areas. I have experience in dealing with Office Actions and USPTO rejections.  I have worked very closely with 2 patent attorneys for the last 15 years and feel I have an excellent grasp of the art of patent writing.