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I have worked in R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 35 years.  My primary area of expertise is nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry, everywhere along the continuum from research to scale-up to manufacturing.  I have extensive experience in the design and development of HPLC/UPLC methods for research, process, and preclinical stages of development.  My biological areas of expertise range from antivirals to GPCRs to Rho Kinase inhibitors. I have extensive experience in computational modeling of metalloenzymes within MOE (Molecular Operating Environment), concentrating specifically on iron and zinc containing enzymes. I am skilled in setting up and administering oracle-based scientific databases, particularly IDBS products (ActivityBase).  I have authored or co-authored 36 patent applications on a variety of indications and molecular series.  From 2009 to 2015, I was an independent consultant doing medicinal chemistry, scientific database administration, and intellectual property work for companies in North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, and California.  After a stint in a small biotech, I am once again wearing the mantle of being an independent consultant.


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